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Korean Studies(한국학)

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▶ Objectives

1) Korea Studies is a Convergence Studies Degree that deals broadly with everything from Korean history to culture to politics and to society. This degree program is progressing topics and interest about Korean lifestyles in a foreign language (English) by using various perspectives and methodologies

2) Representative Core Courses :
- Korean Destinations
- Korean Media and PR
- Traditional Korean Games and Sports, etc.


▶ About the Degree

1) Korean Studies has been created as one of 7 Liberal Arts Education Degrees since Spring Term 2018 


2) Basic Requirements for Completion : 7 credits of Basic Electives and 14 Elective Culture as stated in the curriculum of the Liberal Arts Education Degree, 2018


▶Bachelor’ s Degree in Korea Studies




한국의 역사와 문학에서부터 정치, 경제, 사회에 이르기까지 한국의 모든 것을 폭넓게 다루는 융합학문으로 한국학
    교양학위 과정을 이수한 외국유학생의 경우 다양한 영역에서 한국의 과거, 현재, 미래에 대한 폭넓은 이해가 가능함.

▶ 영역별 이수교과목


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